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About Me

My art stems from my love of color, texture, music, and justice. As a strong believer in serendipity, my mixed media pieces are full of found objects and experimental techniques. As with my detailed pen and ink drawings, these pieces tell stories of communities far and wide, of people coming together to support each other and to build what they need out of the rubble of all of our outdated isms and divisions. Like life, they are vibrant and layered, intertwining painstaking detail with broad stretches of color. I am also a poet/Hip Hop emcee who goes as "Oasys" and  I frequently weave text in and out of my images, often using my own lyrics and poetry in my pieces... some in English, some in Spanish. I also love involving community in art-making, whether as a teacher/facilitator or as a facilitating artist, and some of what you see here are community murals and installations that I have overseen.

For a free download of my Ripple album quoted in some of these works, visit:
To see music videos of "Faith" and "You're Perfect" quoted in these works, visit:

I also have an artist's book available at Amazon with drawings and bilingual lyrics. To see this book, visit:


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